So, the next thing was an Intermediate Ceramics course at Gray’s School of Art. With the help of the amazing Morag McGee I had the opportunity to explore alternative firing techniques. There were only a few of us throwers, as most of the students preferred hand building, but it was a treat to meet some kindred spirits.

As the course progressed I found inspiration in naturally occurring patterns, particularly marine based ones. I must be harking back to my childhood living a mile from the Dorset coast. Also remembering the first discovery of sea urchins on an early holiday to Malta… their black spiky forms at the bottom of the turquoise water is unforgettable.

After spending my snowy winter Thursday evenings huddled around the outdoor kilns, occasionally accompanied by the odd toasted marshmallow, we entered this spring with an exhibition which ran from 9-17 March.

Here are some of the results…

Raku firing


Traditional glaze firing


Smoke firing

Naked raku

Large cup

Coffee can


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