The journey starts here

A few weeks ago I had to venture the long way south for my late Aunt’s memorial service. With such a journey, and an empty car, there was too good an opportunity to miss. So one morning I skulked off to Bath Potters’ Supplies where I discovered an Aladdin’s cave of delights and the incredibly helpful Mike. The car and I returned laden with pretty much everything I need to get going… clay, tools, glaze and my lovely new wheel.



3 thoughts on “The journey starts here

  1. Oh lucky you! I love pottery. I made ceramics a few years ago and enjoyed going to craft shows on the weekends. Last year, I started taking beginner pottery classes. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I had to put it on the side burner for now. I had major food surgery 10 weeks ago. Im not sure how long it will be when I can get back to taking classes. Maybe this Fall. I would love to have a pottery wheel. I still have a kiln fro years ago. Its still in great condition. Good luck on your new adventure. New supplies are always a great motivation.

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