The pothy

You’re wondering what a pothy is I suppose. Well it’s not quite a pottery and not quite a bothy. Thanks to cousin Murdo for the name. So, what once was the scullery has now become the Pothy. With the arrival of the new wheel from Bath Potters’ Supplies I have set about emptying the room of all that was in it. I’m now waiting for the garden shed to implode under the weight of its additional contents. I was left with this…

oldroom1  oldroom2

Which after a great deal of scrubbing, wall and floor painting now looks like this…


It’s small, but it should be fine for getting on with. I’m sharing the space with the boiler – so it’s nice and warm (maybe too warm when I get a kiln) the washing machine, and the fridge/freezer. I just need to fix some ware shelves to the back wall and I’ll be able to get going.

So now starts the steep learning curve. I enjoy the methodical nature of throwing but I’ve not had real experience of making repeat ware. I want to create things that people will want to use and keep. I know I’ll appreciate the rhythm of it and the required attention to detail is already in my blood. But as Geoffrey Whiting said ‘the first 30,000 pots are the worst’. I may be some time.


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