This is Ruby


Susie Hunt, artist and founder of NEOS, has kindly lent me this kiln to get started. I drove over to Susie’s beautiful studio the other week to meet her and pick up Ruby the kiln. Thankfully my younger daughter (3) slept for the whole time, which allowed for a cup of tea and a chat.

So now I have a wheel, a kiln, and no excuses.

Ruby is a manual electric kiln and a good 20 years old. To be honest I’m not sure what make of kiln she is – possibly a Cromartie because of the colour.

I’ve always relied on someone else to do my firing, but if I’m going to do this properly I have to fire things myself. Thanks to the joy of the Internet, I’ve managed to find a number of posts about possible firing schedules using a kiln of this type. I’m sure there will be a fair amount of trial and error (when isn’t there?), but it will be good experience for me to understand the fundamentals.

My first task is to do a proper test fire to check that the kiln is working accurately. Only then will I dare put anything in for a bisque firing. There’s no rush. It will take me a while to make enough pots that are worth firing.


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