Third time lucky

The parts I ordered for the kiln have duly arrived. So over the last few days I’ve done a series of test fires in the kiln to check if I have adjusted the Kiln Sitter correctly. Then I can go ahead with my first bisque firing. It’s funny but before proceeding with the first firing I was really nervous. Now after three test firings I have come to realise that I do know and understand the process enough to feel in control. That said I don’t have anything in the kiln yet.

Test fire one


From left to right: Guard cone (05/1046°C), Fire cone (06/999°C), Guide cone (07/984°C) and finally the bar cone (06) from the sitter. As you can see the first firing was too hot as all the witness cones have melted and the sitter cone has bent too far.

Test fire two


This time I had adjusted the sitter’s shut off mechanism too far in the other direction.
The guide cone has bent, but the fire and sitter cones have not melted enough.

Test fire three


Finally, the sitter cone has bent to the required 90° angle which means that the kiln sitter is adjusted correctly. Phew!


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