Spark: five

A series about people that have influenced my creative path

Phil Baines, Penguin by Design. Published by Penguin, 2005

Two years into my BA in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins I lost my way. Then, in my final year I was lucky enough to be taught by three outstanding designers; Phil Baines, Russell Warren Fisher and Andy Haslam. One conversation with Andy was enough to inspire a whole new way of working. With their help I went on to get a first.


7 thoughts on “Spark: five

    • Yes, I thought you might appreciate them Alison. Phil’s book is wonderful and features cover designs from endless Penguin books published over 70 years. I have a small collection of them myself – odd to collect books because of their covers rather than their contents.

      • Yes, but I do the same thing. I’m trying to decorate at the moment (which is why I’ve been offline) and I’m thinking of putting up a few narrow shelves – to display some books outwards. You know, like in schools. Then you could change the display around.

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