A ‘spike’ of urchins?


It’s been a glorious day up here in the north east of Scotland. The sun has been streaming through my studio window and I spent a lovely few hours this afternoon turning, burnishing and decorating some urchins. My plan is to make a homemade raku kiln in the next few weeks and get firing. I’ve tried a few different shapes…

urchin5 urchin4 urchin3 urchin2 urchin1

I think the squatter ones are more successful, but when they’re grouped the differing heights look quite nice. I’m going to try and throw some bigger ones next time.

What do you think the collective noun is for urchins?


6 thoughts on “A ‘spike’ of urchins?

  1. I don’t know if there is a collective noun for urchins, but I love love love! these! Love the shape, design and color. Would you be thinking of painting or coloring this design? A sea glass green maybe???

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