Magpie {7}

Large storage jar by Len Whatley, Edinbane Pottery

Since my childhood I have spent many summers on the Isle of Skye as my mother’s family is from there. The combination of sea and mountains make it one of the most beautiful places in the world. One such trip, in 2005, ended with what had become a customary stop at Edinbane Pottery. I bought this beautiful jar, which I now use to keep bread in. It was made by the late Len Whatley, the current owner’s father.

Update: I have recently discovered that this jar was actually made by Stuart’s son, also named Len after his grandfather. He worked at Edinbane for about eight years before moving to set up a pottery in Crieff. He is now teaching. (30.10.13)


6 thoughts on “Magpie {7}

    • Thanks Pam, when I look at it the colours immediately take me back there. They are so evocative of everything around you on the island: sea, mountains, grasses, seaweed, mist, sunshine, bracken, lichen and so on. You’ll see over the coming months that their pottery features several times in my collection. It’s hard not to get carried away though – my husband rolls his eyes every time I venture near a pottery or gallery!

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