Glazed over

In an act of defiance, or possibly just determined stubbornness I tried another glaze firing yesterday. It started at 4am yesterday and finished at 1.30am this morning. Once again I tried to maintain a steady ramp in temperature, followed by an equally steady cooling. The cooling is where I’ve had problems in the past, with all my porcelain pieces dunting. I also tried a different glaze in the hope that this might stop the shivering that occurred last time.

So I took a deep breath and opened the kiln late this afternoon. To my relief and delight everything had survived and my test bowls came out quite nicely. I still need to improve my throwing so they are both finer and more consistent, but this is a major step forward.


The patterns I’m trialling have been quite successful too.


8 thoughts on “Glazed over

  1. I like the shape of these bowls and am interested in the glaze design that seems to be inside them? It looks intriguing…

    I am interested in your firing information – since I don’t do porcelain, just cone 5-6 stoneware, I just use the automatic program and it works fine, but I know porcelain is a lot more demanding. Glad these came out well.

    • Hi Claudia, this clay is actually called porcelain stoneware. So although not as transparent as true porcelain, it is easier to throw and less likely to crack, warp or shrink. I should think with a proper kiln controller it would be fine and can be fired at anything between cones 6-10. The kiln I have is entirely manual and it’s been a steep learning curve. Nice to finally have something useable out the other side.

      • I do think you will be successful at selling your wares. I’m drawn to your styles and designs, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m picky. They’re very clean, simple but sassy, and classic. I have no doubt you’ll do well. Just be sure to give us followers a crack (no pun intended) at purchasing when you do start to sell.

  2. Juliet, I’m delighted that this firing worked out for you. I could have cried for you on seeing your last results.
    Your work is beautiful, I love the simplicity of your designs and the subtle colours. I too am inspired by nature and the sea as well as 1950’s textile design which is why I think I’m so drawn to your work.
    I’m sure you’ll sell bucket loads when you fine tune them, although, other than the cracking, I don’t see how they could be improved!
    Keep up the good work and fascinating posts.

    • Jo, thank you so much. Your comments mean a great deal to me… I was so relieved when something finally survived. I’m with you on 1950’s designs too – always been a fan of post war illustrators and designers.

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