Magpie {14}

Wood fired stoneware teapot by Julie McWhirter, Edinbane Pottery

I can’t remember when I bought this teapot, but I’ve had it for well over ten years. It was bought on one of my many trips to the Isle of Skye which (as I have mentioned previously) always included a visit to Edinbane for a pottery fix. It was made by the then Julie McWhirter who joined Edinbane in 1998. She is now married to Stuart Whatley, the pottery’s owner.


7 thoughts on “Magpie {14}

    • You know I’ve been considering it for a while now. I’m sure I’d be ok on most of it but I’m a bit afraid of lids. Lucie Rie used to tell her students that their work was terrible and that they needed to make teapots for discipline! Hmmm. Hope you are well.

    • As you will become aware, I love their pottery and have quite a few pieces… there’s something about the colours when things have been woodfired. I know they’re still running – using a couple of gas kilns. Luckily the studio and main gallery weren’t damaged – it was the kiln rooms and clay areas that were burned. I think they’re just waiting on planning permission for the rebuild.

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