Spark: fifteen

A series about people that have influenced my creative path

esaiasthorenEsaias Thorén, Composition with Fish, 1952, lithograph (image sourced from Mid-Centuria)

As I have mentioned a number of times I particularly like post-war design, and a large part of that encompasses modern Scandinavian design. Esaias Thorén (1901-1981) was originally a cubist, then surrealist painter from Halmstad, Sweden. I have come across him a few times in my life – mostly when researching Picasso, Braque and Dali both at school and art college. This picture is from his later life when he became more interested in decorative still life. It particularly chimes with me.


3 thoughts on “Spark: fifteen

  1. I love everything about this, and would like to have it hanging in my house. You have set me off with some thoughts of white stiching on black cloth. Thankyou. Anyway, enough of enjoying myself, the gallery opens in 25 minutes, and I’m due on my till in 10. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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