Maiden over

Today I’ve been preparing for my dustbin raku kiln’s maiden firing. To say I’m a little nervous is an understatement. Even though I participated in a number of this kind of firing whilst at Gray’s School of Art it somehow seems a much bigger responsibility doing it at home. I’ve gone so far as writing a step-by-step list so that I hopefully don’t miss anything, do anything wrong, or blow anything up.

GLAZE1julietmacleod2013 GLAZE2julietmacleod2013

I’ve mixed up a special glaze. To be honest I think it looks a little dark, so we’ll have to see when it comes out the other end. The whole process is going to be a test, so rather than doing test tiles I thought I’d just try some samples that I’ve made. Most of the morning was spent setting up the kiln and getting the burner at the right height and angle to allow the heat to circulate nicely.

So, with my husband standing by as safety officer, I’ve fired her up and it wasn’t as scary as I’d anticipated. Now the kiln’s temperature is rising steadily. I’ll let you know how things turn out tomorrow.

Click on the picture to see a little movie


6 thoughts on “Maiden over

  1. Oooh what’s this special glaze then? 😉
    I was interested in how you set up your burner, I don’t angle mine at all. I Raku on my own all the time, I have to, but it is nice to have another pair of hands especially when you’re lifting lids, pots etc. It’s all good fun. I smell of smoke most of the time 😦

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