Magpie {20}

Small stoneware bowl by Brian Cook Shand

As I mentioned earlier we recently spent a weekend campervanning along the north Aberdeen and Moray coasts. I think my family are soon going to learn some better ways of distracting me whenever we drive past a sign that says ‘Pottery’, as I am unable to resist them. One day we stopped in at Watergaw Ceramics, and with my children happily bribed with chocolate buttons I snuck into the beautiful, former Methodist church for a very quick look.

Brian Cook Shand works just a little further along the coast at Portsoy, but was exhibiting at Watergaw. I had already seen some of his remarkable large pieces at the Aberdeen Artists Society’s exhibition at the Aberdeen Art Gallery earlier this year. He’s been throwing for over 40 years and it clearly shows when you pick up one of his pots… they’re light, simple and beautifully finished (note the double turned foot ring above).


5 thoughts on “Magpie {20}

    • Luckily mine are still young enough to value the chocolate button bribe. The six-year old is going to figure it out soon though. I still remember the agony of being dragged round places with my parents so I have some sympathy for them.

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