It’s been a strange week – filled with long distance road trips, holidays, beaches, family, friends and sick children. Mostly it’s been great, but there’s been little time for posting or making. The Tattie holidays* go on till the end of next week and I’m itching to get back to throwing. Until then here is a different kind of post… another lovely piece of mail art turned up from Claudia McGill the other day. I’m calling him Grumpy Bird.


*The October holidays in many parts of Scotland are known as the ‘Tattie’ holidays. This is because in the past children used to be released from school to help bring the potato harvest in.


5 thoughts on “Post

  1. What a nice compliment you have given me to post this! And I’m happy it made it there in good shape. I made this bird (which I think is funny you called it Grumpy Bird, because that is what I thought, too, he’s grumpy) because of something a mail art friend sent me – she did a simple painting that followed the tradition of etegami, she told me- a painting and some words, usually involving nature, it seems. Anyway, it set something off in my brain and next thing you know – Grumpy Bird! Thank you for posting and also the information about the Tattie holidays – I was at a total loss until you explained it! Interesting!

  2. I love the concept of mail art. I used to send postcards I had made, but now that so much is done by internet/email, I don’t do that anymore. I like your Grumpy Bird. And to be honest, I disregarded the first name in the post and I did wonder if you did ceramics too, when “throwing” was mentioned.Thanks for the post and I will look up your links concerning poetry collage. Also thanks to Juliet for explaining the British Isles’ harvest time holidays. We don’t have that. It’s nice.

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