Size matters


After more than two weeks away it’s been great to get back to the wheel. I’m trying to consolidate a few things that I have learned over the last few months… finer throwing, thinner bases and repeat throwing. Today I decided to use a throwing gauge to help with my accuracy. I don’t have anything fancy, just a wooden kebab stick anchored to my wheel tray with a blob of clay. After making a few clumsy mistakes when taking the pot off the wheel, I got into a good rhythm. Twenty-two pots later I feel like I’ve made real progress. There are still a few odd ones, but I think that when I go back and check them tomorrow the majority will be very similar. I don’t want them to be exactly the same mind you, as they would lose their handmade quality, but I’m aiming for pots that will work nicely together as groups.



12 thoughts on “Size matters

    • Yes Debbie, I’ve started using them for smaller pieces as I’m very restricted for space in my tiny studio and they stack up neatly. Yesterday was their first outing and I’m pretty pleased with them. I bashed my hands on the corners a bit at the start, but you only do it a couple of times before you learn not to… ouch!

      • Oh, you are so nice to him! In a frame. Thank you. I appreciate your thinking of enough of the piece to do that.

        I am hoping someday I can get one of your clay pieces. When you start to sell them I will be in line right at the front. I love your approach to your work, because you take such care to do the very best you can and to improve, and not to accept work that’s less than you wanted.

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