Magpie {22}

Woodfired stoneware Limpet bowl by Edinbane Pottery (dia 16cm approx)

This is one of the first pots I bought from Edinbane Pottery on the Isle of Skye, so I think I have had it for twenty years plus. It was made by Julie Whatley. It’s been a while since I’ve visited them as we always seem to be in a rush to catch the ferry for North Uist. Fingers crossed I can drop in next year, by which time I hope their new building work will be finished. There was a terrible fire at the pottery last year which spread through all the back rooms. Luckily the shop and house were not damaged and no one was hurt.

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5 thoughts on “Magpie {22}

  1. I like this limpet bowl because not only does it have a shape inspired by a limpet shell but the pattern of rings is reminiscent of the small circular depressions or ‘home bases’ that older limpets create on the rocks to which they attach.

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