Magpie {23}

Salt glazed stoneware cup with porcelain details, by Alistair Young

This is an exception to the rule in my Magpie series as I do not own this cup… but do I covet it (which after all is just as magpie-like). It belongs to a friend of ours and I see it every time we go and stay in her lovely cottage in Wester Ross. Essentially this beautiful glossy sheen is achieved by throwing salt into a kiln during the hottest part of the firing process. Salt glazing is a traditional technique that dates back to the 15th Century, first used to make domestic pottery durable and easy to clean.


2 thoughts on “Magpie {23}

  1. Reblogged this on IsabellaBilsteinCeramics and commented:
    I usually prefer cups without handles because I often get the impression that it brings the whole piece out of balance. Though on the blog of the cloud pottery I found a few very beautiful examples where the handle really compliments the shape of the cup and the two work together in a harmonious composition. Also love the salt glaze and porcelain decoration. Very nice piece!

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