Magpie {24}

Stoneware mug by David Worsley, The Dove Street Pottery

I mentioned in my previous post that I had visited Handmade in Britain when I was in London last weekend. It’s held in the glorious Chelsea Old Town Hall which I haven’t visited for fifteen years at least. Many moons ago they used to hold the Crafts Council’s Chelsea Crafts Fair there, before it metamorphosed into Origin at Somerset House. I spent a wonderful child-free morning wandering the aisles, pootling about and taking in the beautiful pieces on show, however one of my main reasons for going was to meet David Worsley (The Hopeful Potter). I found his blog very soon after starting out on this venture, and I found it a fascinating and inspiring read. David has been extremely generous with his time and advice so it was a treat to meet him face to face, and finally buy one of his beautiful pots.


11 thoughts on “Magpie {24}

  1. Hi – May I ask a question re Handmade in Britain – which day did you go and was it very busy? I asked my daughter if she could pop in and have a look round at the show (she only lives in Queensway), but as it was the end of Reading Week she had too many deadlines – she is currently a rather disorganised second year student. Did you think the overall general standard was equal to the beautiful David Worsley piece you’ve uploaded? Thank you, Agnes

    • Hi Agnes, I went early on the Friday in the hope that it wouldn’t be too busy and I could have a decent chat with a few people. The show was beautifully presented, and the work on show was varied and of high quality. To be honest I was mostly concentrating on the ceramics exhibitors but there were some lovely textiles, woodwork etc as well. It seemed pretty busy… there was a queue of people waiting for the doors to open. Annoyingly the website no longer has a list of this year’s exhibitors, but I’m sure if you messaged David via his blog, or Jane Sarre (below) they might be able to tell you more specifics. Are you thinking of taking part next year?

      • Hi Juliet, Thank you very much for the info and the contacts. Not really sure if I’m going to take part next year as I’ve only returned to working professionally this year and I think it is going to take me a while to build up a good range if I stick to hand painting and don’t go down the digitally printed route. Also, on a steep learning curve at the mo with all this Internet business! Thanks again for your reply.

      • I know exactly how you feel Agnes. I’ve just signed up for my first fair next summer and feel like it’s no time at all to get a collection together. I have a friend who lives in the Caribbean who makes amazing silk textiles. She used to hand paint everything… wax resist etc. A real labour of love, but in the end just too time consuming. She now paints the originals and has limited runs printed (amazingly beautifully) in China. Good luck.

      • You’re welcome! It was an interesting experience doing it for the first time – just putting together a post with the tips I picked up… There was trouble with the tubes and bad weather so the crowds were a bit variable but I did well in the end and got a nice order as well as some potential leads so definatley worth doing.

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