It’s been another great week… busy but really good. I can’t believe that Christmas is only twelve days away. My children are getting extremely excited at the prospect, and so am I to be honest. However, my biggest milestone has been that finally Bertha was installed after two months of waiting. It was a struggle to find an electrician prepared to do the work, but Norrie came and saved the day. She was installed on Tuesday and I did a test firing that night. It was lovely just to switch on, set a program and let the kiln get on with it. I’ve learnt so much from firing Ruby but it is a relief to not have to continually manually increase the temperature throughout the firing.

Last night was the first bisque firing and all was well this afternoon when I opened up. It’s wonderful to have so much room – she has more than five times the capacity that Ruby does. Now I just need to get everything glazed and fired again by the end of next week.

I know for some of you this is your busiest time of year, but I hope you all have a chance to step back and enjoy it too.


14 thoughts on “Upgrade

    • Jessica, thank you! It’s been a great few months and this new kiln is a major piece now in place. I’ve signed up for a big fair next summer but I am hoping to be selling well before then… however there is the shadow of some much needed building work starting here in the New Year. Hopefully it won’t hold things up for too long.

  1. Hi Juliet,
    Great news about the kiln! Oh to have the spare capacity and the luxury of a controller! A new, bigger kiln is most definitely on my shopping list for next year but before that I will have to reorganise the studio more on this next year.
    Your pots look so beautiful, lovely shapes and clean, simple designs. Very desirable – go forth and conquer
    Have a lovely Christmas.

    • Oh Debbie, it’s such a relief to have it working. Mostly because I was worried that I’d spent the money and it wasn’t going to be possible to make it work with the power supply that we have (even though I checked with an electrician before I bought it). I’m reserving my final judgement until the first glaze firing is complete however. Thank you, as always, for your lovely comments. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Here’s to 2014.

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