As it’s unlikely that I’ll be in the studio until next week I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning around the house. Redding the house is one of the Hogmanay traditions in Scotland, along with first footing amongst others. Officially the cleaning should have been done to welcome in the New Year, but as we were away I’m only just finishing it now. I’ve also been tinkering with the blog… I’ve uploaded a new gallery of the work I fired just before the holidays and amended my statement. Please take a look if you have a moment. Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Tinkering

      • In Durham the first foot is the first person to come into your house after new year, apart from the people who live there. They give you coal and you give them cake and a silver coin! We always had coal in our yard so that was never a problem. It doesn’t have to be on 1st Jan, it could be a week later. It brings luck. They are supposed to be tall and dark. My mam would never allow anyone blonde to be the first foot!

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