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Now you see it, now you don’t

There may be a small break in transmission…

I’ve mentioned to a few people that we were about to have some work done on our home. With very little notice the builders started on Monday. As a result things are fairly chaotic, but in a good and exciting way. Once completed the house will hopefully have a bigger kitchen, an extra bedroom and a new studio for me. Unsurprisingly this is going to take some time… three months minimum.

So, my making time is going to be interrupted whilst I manage this project. I’m hoping to have sporadic chances to design and make new pieces, but it is unlikely that my plans of going into any kind of proper production will now happen until Spring. I hope to continue to post my progress, but for the time being it may be a little less often.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.


16 thoughts on “Construction

  1. How cool is that! Very exciting. Hope it all goes well. Would be good to see some photos when they build, especially the studio.
    We are just finishing off some house plans extension ready to be submitted to council. It will be a kitchen, dining and living area. I’m hoping this will release a room for me to use for creative endeavours! The process just for an extension is so long and we’ve only just began.

    • You’re so right Row. I’m trying to remind myself that it has taken us two years to get to this point, so what’s three months of chaos in the scheme of things. Unlike most of the UK, Aberdeen has a very buoyant economy so getting a builder has taken longer than getting planning permission and building regulation approval. There’s just too much work for them.
      They’re ripping out part of my kitchen as we speak! Good luck with your plans – exciting times.

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