Magpie {28}

Small woodfired stoneware bowl by Edinbane Pottery (dia 7cm approx)

I’m looking forward to using this little bowl again. It’s normally used as a salt cellar but, owing to the building work going on in our house at the moment, it has been packed away for the time being. It was the first piece I bought from Edinbane, some twenty six years ago.

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7 thoughts on “Magpie {28}

  1. It is so perky. And I like the term “salt cellar”. I wonder why that came about, because there is no cellar to that little bowl, is there? No spooky salt ghosts underneath the base? (I’ve been watching too many B thriller movies lately from the 1940’s, the kind where everyone goes into the basement and shouldn’t…)

  2. Slow on the uptake, I’ve only just twigged ‘magpie’
    As for ‘cellar’, I think it might come from French ‘sel’, salt, from Latin ‘sal’, salt, so that ‘salt cellar is tautological – we should just call it a cellar. There you go.

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