This weekend I went to Kindrogan, in Perthshire, for my first SPA Weekend Workshop. I became a member last year and I’ve managed to miss various events up until now…

What a great few days. It was a treat to meet so many like minded individuals. I’ve bought a few new tools; some samples of clay; discussed anything and everything pot related; and learned a great deal too. The workshop demonstrators were Lisa HammondChristine Hester Smith and Simon Griffiths. The highlight for me was spending the best part of two days watching and listening to Lisa. Throwing and then altering pots big and small, she showed us how to take a more fluid and free approach, using the techniques learned from her time spent in Japan working with Rizu Takahashi.

I’m looking forward to experimenting – when’s that shed arriving?


12 thoughts on “Inspirational

  1. Wow it looks like a great event. I’m quite jealous. There’s nothing like seeing a top artist at work to give you an insight into their making processes. Very inspirational!
    When is the shed due? Mine is up now and slowly, slowly taking shape. It’s all the fiddly bits and bobs that have to be done. It all takes a lot longer than you think it should.
    All the best,

  2. What a fantastic weekend! I’ve never been to a workshop for potters, very envious! Your pictures are fantastic, even one with her hand trimming a chawan, she does great work doesn’t she? Thanks for your visit!


    • Do you have Pottery Associations in the USA? Would be worth joining one if you do. There are number of them across the UK and that’s how we get to meet other potters face-to-face and find out about amazing workshops like these… as well as the internet of course.

      • We do and I belong to one in the Denver area. We have about 30 potters in the guild, and they’re all helpful and fun to hang around.

        My issue is that I spend too much time at work! I’d love to do my potting all the time, but I don’t know if I’d want to be a production potter, I’d hate to ever look at my potting as drudgery.

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