Magpie {27} update

dolphinBowl©julietmacleod2013 dolphinSide©julietmacleod2013
Terracotta bowl with glaze and sponged decoration, by Bärbel Dister, Cromarty Pottery

I was beginning to think that the pot from my earlier post would remain unidentified, but my trip to Kindrogan last weekend has changed that… I was busy looking at the wide range of work on show from many of the potters at the workshop, when I turned over a bowl to take a look at the foot – us potters can’t help it. (It’s rather like graphic designers smelling a freshly printed document.) Anyway I immediately recognised the maker’s mark on the bottom to be the same as on my bowl. Bärbel emailed me today to confirm that she is the maker. Now I just wish I could remember who gave it to me.


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