Silence is golden?


I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently. The building work on our house has just finished its twelfth week and there’s still a great deal to be done. I’ve been caught up with it, which I am enjoying, but it is all consuming. As a result I’ve not been making for the same length of time, which concerns me. And my new studio, which was due to arrive this week, is now not coming for another three weeks. Hmmm.

There are positives though… The house is really coming along; we’re now in the school holidays; we’ve just taken our new camper van (Daisy) on her maiden voyage; and I’ve just signed up for North East Open Studios 2014 which is in September (for details see Events). I really enjoyed visiting other people’s studios last year, so I’m hoping that some folk will visit me this time around. Now I just desperately need my studio so that I can get making…


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3 thoughts on “Silence is golden?

  1. Hey, I have a ‘thing’ for vintage caravans….is there a photo on your blog of Daisy?
    You must be very excited getting to the end (hopefully) of the build! I’m still at the stage of initial paperwork for our extension.

    • Hi Row, I’m afraid Daisy’s not vintage 😦 We’d have loved an old VW combi or similar, but they’re just not reliable enough, or very pleasant to drive to be honest. When we lived in Devon we’d see the sides of the roads littered with broken down VWs all through the summer. So, we plumped for a nearly new VW van that’s been converted, and she’s lovely. When we’re a bit more up to speed I’ll post some photos. Hope all’s well with you.

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