SHED1julietmacleod2014After twenty weeks the builders have gone… There are still a few things to be sorted and acres of painting for us to complete, but the work they have done has revolutionised our home. My new studio is also here, only eight stressful weeks late. It too needs further painting inside and out, but today’s priority was to get throwing again.

It’s strange, I’ve been wanting this day to come for ages and the anticipation was more than I could stand at times. However, as the day neared I found myself preferring to think of all the other things I needed to do around the house, rather than making pots. I think I was worried that, after nearly five months, I wouldn’t be able to do it well any more. That, combined with the pressure of the studio being so late; my first show being only a few weeks away; and having no stock made me prefer to take the ostrich approach.

Well, today has been a good day with steady progress. After throwing thirty pots in my lovely new workspace I feel the rhythm returning.

This is it. I’ll post further images once it is properly finished.


18 thoughts on “Return

    • I’m sure I’ll throw half of them away in the morning Jo, but it was great… really great to start making again. I’m dithering on the OSB board walls too. Part of me quite likes the utilitarian look of it, so I’m going to live with it a while before I do anything. Hope all good with you.

  1. Juliet – it is really hard getting going again after a break. I lost a bit of finger last year, getting back was prpobably easier as I was working out how to throw with one finger sticking out (like drinking tea?). Anyway, the first 30 are the hardest!
    I use thinned down emulsion to paint ply – just to knock back the orange colour. It dries quickly, not too much smell, don’t have to worry about finish too much as it soaks in, can re-do easily, looks OK as it wears off. Abut a third water to paint, put on with brush or sponge. Just in case you fancy it! Good luck at Potfest!

    • Now that I’ve got going Carys it seems ok. It was just the getting started that I found difficult. Poor you and your finger… hope all is thoroughly mended now. Thanks for the tip about painting the walls. I’m going to live with it for a while…painting my daughter’s and our bedroom are higher on the priority list at the moment.

      • Oh yes – the long list of DIY at home! I was talking too Barry (Stedman), he put off throwing to do up his home studio and had to change it all once he got his rhythm of working going.. although in my own studio I know there are some things I will now never get round to (the narrow step, the ceiling, the window…)

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