I’ve been trying to finish my logo for months, but at last here it is. As a graphic designer I think I’m probably my most difficult client and I’ve been tinkering with it for ages. I wanted something that is simple, but expresses the organic nature of what I do.



Now I’ve just got to get business cards done for Potfest in the Pens
and photography…
price lists…
more throwing…


26 thoughts on “Finally

      • I don’t know. I am much happier with the may one and i’m wondering if it’s because I knew all of the words before I started. Both are almost finished. There are 6 napkins in the set, but I haven’t started one for July. I found it quite hard, timewise.

      • I bet. I seem to be constantly chasing my tail at the moment and to cap it all I’ve done my back in, just when I really need to be making as much as I can. Perhaps knowing all the words first allows you a bit more opportunity with composition.

      • Sorry about your back. I know what that’s like. Hope it gets better soon
        Yes, the composition is much better on the May one because I could arrange everything together. So I might write things down for July with the intention of doing it later. A lot later!

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