Spark: twenty three

A series about people that have influenced my creative path

Hand-bound book with handprinted cover paper by Corinna Krause

Each summer in the Outer Hebrides there is a fortnight of open studios called Art on the Map. Corrina Krause from Solas Bookbinding is one of the participants whose work I really admire. This particular book sits beside my wheel every day. It’s now a little clay streaked but it is truly treasured, not only for it’s beauty, but also because it holds all the measurements for every shape of piece I have made.

For the non-potters amongst you: it is critical to keep a detailed log of everything. This includes: type of clay used, weight of clay, diameter and height of thrown item, sketch of shape etc. This means that remaking a particular piece becomes more simple. This is important particularly because clay shrinks significantly as it dries and is fired, making it difficult to work from finished measurements.


4 thoughts on “Spark: twenty three

    • I so agree Alison. I love handmade books. There used to be a fantastic shop in London called Falkiners Fine Papers that sold beautiful end papers, so I tried to make few myself. Nothing up to Corrina’s standards though. Loving the HE2’s posts about loom banding.

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