On cloud nine

My first open studio has been an amazing experience. I’m delighted to have had a good number of visitors and sold some work; but more importantly it has been nine days filled with fascinating interactions with people who seemed honestly interested in my work and process. Here are a few images to give you an idea of how things looked…

WNEOS2julietmacleod2014WNEOS1julietmacleod2014 WNEOS4julietmacleod2014 WNEOS5julietmacleod2014 WNEOS6julietmacleod2014 WNEOS7julietmacleod2014 WNEOS8julietmacleod2014

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit, it was wonderful to meet you. To those who couldn’t make it I’ve uploaded a gallery of my most recent work should you like to take a look.


21 thoughts on “On cloud nine

    • Thanks Jo, yes unintentional coordination… whoops. You can see that blue is one of my favorite colours! The North East Open Studios is primarily about artists demonstrating their working practice so I had the sketchbooks out and did a couple of raku demonstrations. I was surprised by how many people were genuinely interested. And thank goodness the builders had finished! The house just makes me smile every day… so glad we did it… worth all the stress.

  1. Hi Juliet, it was nice to meet you and see the lovely work you have managed to produce in such a short time. Also very encouraging to speak to you, thank you for your time. I have booked Kindrogan!!!

    • Thank you Nancy, it’s based on the colours we see in North Uist each time we go there in the summer. The sea really is that colour and the sand on the beaches is made from shells… truly breathtaking. I’m hoping to do some tests soon for some other colour combinations that are based on more stormy sea colours too. It’s just finding the time…

    • Thank you Debbie. It was really great to be a part of it. You’re right NEOS is well organised and the book/catalogue they produce is great and lasts for the year. I’ll definitely be doing it again. I found it (with my limited experience) to be just as tiring as doing a show, but there’s something very nice about being at home so at least you can be productive during the times when you don’t have visitors. Also I managed my best ever raku firings to date (post coming soon). PS loving the red berries on your new pieces.

    • Thank you Bee. The electric fired ones can work as little bud vases, but the turquoise ones are raku fired so are not vitreous. I was hoping to make some turquoise ones big enough some day to turn them into lamp bases, but my throwing is not good enough yet and I’d need a bigger kiln. Good to have something to work towards… Love the look of your new illustrated earthenware.

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