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Sorry for the lack of posts recently… I don’t know where the time has gone… and now suddenly we’re in Autumn. This summer has been great with a few milestones passed during it. I’ve sold my first pots, done my first show, first open studios and now I’m fulfilling my first orders. Also I’ve been writing this blog for a year and a half. I’d like to give away this bowl to mark all of these, and to thank you all for your support and kind advice.

Please leave a comment below, or like and perhaps share the equivalent post from my Facebook page (whichever one is easiest for you). The giveaway will close on 12 November and I’ll be drawing the winner out of a pot shortly after.


45 thoughts on “Giveaway

  1. HI,
    I have only been following your blog for a few months, about the same time as I ventured into the world of pottery! I decided to start a new hobby at a local arts workshop, twenty five weeks later, I am hooked! I have just bought my own wheel ( second hand) and seem to have turned my kitchen into a clay room! much to my family’s annoyance….meals take second place!
    anyway, just to say your blog has inspired and encouraged me, as I have read about your passion, and your courage, in setting up studio, launching into the world of shows/open studios, and now coping with the challenge of a new business. I would love to be the proud owner of your milestone bowl, It would, I am sure, inspire me to follow my dreams!


  2. Hi Juliet,
    Your ceramics are lovely and your progress over the last year has been astonishing. Well done and keep up the good work! Here’s to the next year and beyond. I hope we meet at a show in the near future 🙂

    • Thank you Debbie. I’ve been enjoying looking at your photos of New York (still not been there! – yet). I really hope that we do cross paths sometime soon. But, until then, thank your for all the advice and encouragement… If you hadn’t sent me your firing schedule for the kiln sitter right at the very beginning I might have fallen at the first hurdle.

  3. Hi, if I was the lucky winner of this beautiful bowl, this is how it would be cherished…….I am an aspiring potter finding it difficult to successfully fulfil the most important roll of mothering a wonderful teenager, whilst having a part time job and still making time to pot. So your bowl would be placed to hand to constantly remind me of a goal that can be achievable if you put your mind to it!
    X great to hear you are achieving soooo much x

    • Sarah, I totally understand the difficulties of juggling work and family. I don’t yet have teenagers, but two young ones certainly keep me on my toes. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading more about your progress.

  4. I too am an aspiring potter! I am so interested in your journey, how you set up your studio and all the other things that go with being creative. My garden shed is soon to be transformed into a workspace/studio, your ‘milestone’ bowl would be an inspirational part of the decor!


  5. Beautiful work Juliet, it reminds me of the sea, love the colour and swirls. Thanks so much for following my fishinkblog too, always lovely to get a ‘like’ every now and then. Good luck with your future ceramic endeavours : )

    • Thank you. I love your blog Craig, though I seem to have less and less time for perusing it, annoyingly. You and I seem to have similar taste in illustrators and many of your favourites remind me so strongly of my childhood.

      • Great to hear the illustrators are on track for you, Juliet, now we just have to work out a way for you to see more of them : ) Thanks for the comment tho and for a glimpse of your beautiful ceramics too

  6. Well, I can’t pass up this opportunity. First to say how much I enjoy your work and glad to see more of it. And of course, a contest! I can’t resist that!

    I hope to see a lot more of your work. I think you have such an elegant style.

  7. Hello Juliet, it was great to meet you during Neos, and admire all the work you had done in so short a time, I was very impressed. 3rd year at Grays is off to a tremendous start, and I have lots of work but none involving ceramic so far…keep up the good work and looking forward to reading more stories…

  8. Been following your blog for what must be at least a year now (how did that happen!?) always great posts and beautiful pots and photography. Thank you, look forward to reading more on you progress in the future 🙂

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