Week end


It’s been another busy one… but really enjoyable. It started with a day of raku firing with some good results. I’ve not done any throwing this week – that starts again with a vengeance tomorrow. Mostly I have been sorting and cataloguing finished work, then packing up and shipping out my first orders. This has required organisational skills that have lain dormant for some time, but I have found the whole experience strangely satisfying. I’ve also been updating, adding and tinkering with the website… a series of group images; a link to my instagram feed (top right); a list of stockists and so on.

Undoubtably the best bit was when a mystery parcel appeared at the beginning of the week.
I opened it up and found the following…

MCGILLNOTEjulietmacleod2014  MCGILLLADYjulietmacleod2014

Thank you Claudia – I love her!

I’ve also been asked to take part in a Blog Hop… more on that next week.


9 thoughts on “Week end

  1. Hi Juliet, your pieces are fantastic and really inspiring, as you know I’m starting in this and now I had to stopped for a while cause I moved again. I want to ask you about your orders, how do you packed them so they don’t brake?
    Do you have to pay insurance to ship them? I try to send some overseas with not very good results. I had schedule and exhibition next year and I’m packing some ceramics to travel in Mexico, hoping they will be ok.

    • Thank you Veronica. So far I’ve only sent things within the UK. I’ve used a parcel company and I’ve wrapped things very carefully… each piece separate, in layers of bubble wrap, and then lots of packing around so that nothing can move about. All in a double walled cardboard box. So far so good, but I’m sure that there will be breakages as couriers are often not as careful as they should be. I’m not intending to insure things, unless requested by a client, and then at their expense. I’m finding insurance costs prohibitive. I know of other UK potters who send items abroad with no problem. I think they usually send items for exhibitions in wooden cases so that they are less likely to be damaged from the outside. Take a look at this blog post by Jane Sarre for some good tips on packing… http://www.janesarre.co.uk/gchq/2014/12/11/packing-pots-for-posting

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