Magpie {35}

Tiny naked raku pebble, by Moyra Stewart

I’m sure my husband is by now regretting suggesting that I should post about the pots I own. He has unwittingly given me an excuse to buy more of them.

Moyra makes fantastic raku pieces. Like me she is inspired by the Scottish landscape – to be honest it’s difficult not to be. Her recent large works are influenced by the complex strata of rock formations and they are breathtaking. I met Moyra at the SPA Kindrogan workshop where members are encouraged to display their work and I couldn’t resist buying this little piece. Now I’ll have to start saving for something bigger.


7 thoughts on “Magpie {35}

    • Hi Clay Station, it has no glaze remaining… it’s naked raku fired. The bisque fired piece is coated in a special slip and then, when dry, a crackle raku glaze. The piece is raku fired and then put in a reduction chamber. The where the glaze has cracked the smoke gets through to create the unique patterning. Take a look at Moyra’s website for more details (link in caption under photo) or my earlier post called Naked.

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