Cold store #2

A while ago I posted asking for ideas about how to store a large quantity of clay, especially through the winter months as it can get pretty cold here. Following some very helpful replies I had planned to buy an old freezer, but after a bit of measuring and consideration I realised that the space where it could go was not big enough and being outside it would reduce to a rusting heap pretty quickly. Eventually I managed to find a shed that I could build to fit and that I could insulate. I’ll let you know if it works…

CLAYSHED1julietmacleod2015 CLAYSHED2julietmacleod2015
Here’s the space between my studio and our house where the store just squeezes. I’ve added a layer of 50mm insulation board on the inside to hopefully protect the clay from freezing. It’s cut in sections for the doorway so that they can be added as the clay bags are stacked up inside.


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