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Last weekend I packed up all the pots I had in stock and took them to my first show of the year, Potfest Scotland at Scone Palace. I thought I’d be less nervous this time, but what with losing a significant number of large pieces in my most recent firing I was definitely feeling knots in my stomach.

Whilst I was setting up I discovered I had some lovely neighbours in my tent and, just like Potfest in the Pens last year, the weekend proved to be a wonderful combination of making new friends, meeting customers and making sales. The weather wasn’t particularly kind to us but we still had a great time… with an evening trip to Perth swimming pool for a thawing sauna and jacuzzi a welcome respite from camping in the van.

Another of the good things from the weekend was the lovely feedback I had about the new pieces I’ve been making with coloured footrings – inspired by lichens and seaweed (see gallery). I also picked up a few tips and ideas to do with setting up stand backdrops which I’ll definitely implement next time around.

YUNOMI1julietmacleod2015  PORRINGERjulietmacleod2015

Now I must get on and make more pots in time for my next show in Penrith.


8 thoughts on “Show up

    • Yes, I see you are at Ceramic Art York too! I’d love to know how that turns out as I might consider applying for next year. I’m also going to try for a London show next year, using some of my bursary money… so fingers crossed one way or another our paths may cross. However do let me know if you’re ever heading north. Good luck next week… your pots are looking wonderful.

      • Thanks Juliet. Don’t mention Ceramic Art York as it brings me out in a cold sweat! I think I am going to be totally overawed. This is my year for shows too. I thought I’d try some out. I have Earth & Fire next week & Art in Clay the weekend after would you believe! Not great timing. Good luck with your next one – Potfest in the Pens? All the best.

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