Making of a mug: Day two

Part one

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Making of a mug: Day 2.1 Here is the next stage of the mug's journey. Now that the clay is firm enough to be touched (leather hard) the pot is removed from the wooden batt it was thrown on and placed back on the wheel for turning. This is where the base is neatened using a metal turning tool, and a footring (if desired) can be added. I add them because they create a nice shadow at the base of the finished mug, and it makes stacking them easier too. Once the turning is finished I smooth over any rough surfaces with a damp sponge and add my mark to the base. I then flip the pot over and sponge and smooth the rim to ensure the mug is comfortable to drink from. If only I could work as fast as this in real time! #makingofamug #pottery #ceramics #keramik #clay #stoneware #process #handmade #madeinscotland #craft #cup #mug #NEOS15 #openstudios #GiffinGrip

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Part two
The mug, along with some others, are now wrapped up tight so that they stay damp until tomorrow. Next I’ll make some handles…


Part three
I use a clay gun to extrude the initial pieces for making my handles. I’ve tried many different approaches and I find this works best for me. It helps both in terms of time and also means I have a consistent starting point from which to pull the finished shape…


Part four
Next I take each piece of extruded clay and pull the handle to the required shape and thickness. It is imperative that you keep your hands wet as it is very easy to tear the clay strap. I am aiming for a handle that matches the thickness of the rim of the mug, so that it looks in keeping with the rest of the form. I also ensure that the top stays thicker as this will give a good stub to use for attaching the top of the handle…


Part five
The handles are now laid out on a board to firm up. They need to be similar in dryness to the mug, but still flexible enough to bend into shape without cracking. Once they are dry enough I will wrap them up to stay damp until tomorrow.


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