Making of a mug: Day three

Part one

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Making of a mug: Day 3.1 The next part of the process is to attach the handle to the mug. First I slip and score the two attachment points on the body. The slip is just liquid clay made from scrap trimmings from yesterday's turning with a little water added. Scoring is when you use a needle tool to scratch the surface of the pot. Doing this creates a rough texture which helps the handle adhere well. Then I cut the top and bottom of the pulled strap to the required length (I have a little measurement marked on the edge of my work board). Next I slip and score the ends of the handle and join the top to the body of the mug, ensuring I support the inside of the lip as I press. It is important to give the handle a little wiggle as you attach it to ensure a good firm join. Then I curve the handle into the right shape and attach the bottom, before cutting off any excess. I do a little smoothing at this stage before setting the mug aside for a few minutes to firm up. Then I'd do a final clean up of any rough edges with a damp sponge. #makingofamug #pottery #ceramics #keramik #clay #stoneware #process #handmade #madeinscotland #craft #cup #mug #handke #NEOS15 #openstudios #thismakerslife #piahandles @potsinaction

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Part two
So here is the finished handle. I’ve done a little fettling using a knife and damp sponge to tidy up the two joins…


Part three
At this stage I also add a coloured slip to the inside of the mug. There are many ways to decorate pottery… often this is done after the initial biscuit firing with glazes and underglaze. However I am a slipware potter which means I decorate the unfired work with liquid clay and added pigment.


Part four
Finally the mug is wrapped up tightly and set aside with the others somewhere warm to sweat a little and dry slowly… hopefully without cracking. It will be a few days before I check on it.


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