Making of a mug: Day eight

Part one
The mug has dried out nicely and is now ready to have its first firing. At this point it is in its most fragile state so careful handling is vital. It is packed into the kiln along with all the other pieces I’ll be needing for the open studios which start this weekend.


Part two
So here is my kiln Bertha, fully packed, programmed, and switched on. For this biscuit (or bisque) firing she will be slowly heating up to cone 06, which is 998˚c. This will result in the mug being strong but still porous enough to absorb its glaze. The lid is propped open initially to allow any steam to escape. I will close it up about four hours in. It will take just over 11 hours to reach temperature, but then a similar length of time to cool. Because there are a mixture of pieces in this firing, including some wide based platters the slow firing is essential.


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