Magpie {45}

Soda fired espresso cup, from Maze Hill Pottery

The weekend before last we had a stop off in London before heading to Kent to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday. We enjoyed a wonderful morning at the British Museum and I managed a quick detour into the Contemporary Ceramic Centre, just across the road.

There was a fantastic selection of work from an incredible variety of makers, but as I saw work from Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill I was drawn to this little cup. I’ve come to know a great deal about these pots as I follow one of Lisa’s apprentices, Florian Gadsby on Instagram. Florian not only posts stunning images but also writes fascinatingly informative text to accompany them – I cannot recommend following him enough.

This cup has a red shino slip underneath, and was then sprayed with a mixture of cobalt and black stain. Afterwards it was raw fired for thirty hours in one of Maze Hill’s soda kilns. The rim has been blasted with sodium bicarbonate and salt which has almost bleached away all the colour on the rim. The inside has pools of crackled celadon coloured glass at the base. Stunning.

When I got home I sent a message to Florian asking whether or not he had made this cup as I knew that most of the repetitive functional ware is made by the apprentices. I was delighted to hear that he had, which makes it all the more special to me.


2 thoughts on “Magpie {45}

  1. That’s a beauty for sure. I bought a similar mug from Lisa’s stand at Earth & Fire a couple of years ago made by one of her previous apprentices – Elvira Brown – who happens to be a friend. Something to treasure!

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