Spark: twenty four

A series about people that have influenced my creative path

FENTONjulietmacleod2014Shoreline, abstract landscape, oil, by Margaret Fenton

Sometimes it is not only the work of an artist that inspires me but also the place in which they work. North Uist is breathtaking in its beauty and Margaret Fenton is lucky to have a studio in a particularly seductive place. It is in between Loch Eport and Loch Obisarry with fantastic views of Eaval, North Uist’s highest hill.

We are lucky to have two of her paintings.

Abstract seascape, oil, by Margaret Fenton


From across the Pond

Look what appeared in my post today…


…a lovely handmade postcard from Claudia McGill in Pennsylvania, USA. She’s an artist working in mixed media and clay, and also writes poetry. I discovered her blogs a while back and particularly liked her abstract landscape postcards that are painted on cereal packet card. Cheekily I asked if she’d mind sending me one – and here it is.

The back is almost as lovely as the front.