Magpie {47}

Thrown and altered, wood fired, oval, stoneware vase with celadon glaze by
Andrew Pentland

Andrew is a lovely man who makes gorgeous pots, and it was a pleasure to catch up with him again at Potfest Scotland a couple of months ago. I saw this piece when we were setting up, but ended up buying a yunomi from him on the Saturday instead. I had to go back sheepishly on Sunday and ask if I could swap it for this beauty as I already have so many mugs and cups. I particularly love the finger marks left from where he held the pot when glazing… a testament to the maker’s process.


Magpie {31}


Woodfired stoneware jug, by Andrew Pentland

This summer I visited Potfest in the Palace again, mostly as a precursor to my first show at Potfest in the Pens. I wanted to have a look at how people set up and exhibited their work and hoped to glean a little advice at the same time. There were a few people I particularly wanted to meet if I had the chance, and Andrew was one of them. Not only did we have a lovely chat, but also I just had to buy this beautiful jug.