Cold store


I’m just about to order some more clay and I have a conundrum… Living in the far north of Scotland means that delivery charges are hellish, so it makes sense for me to order as large a quantity as possible to bring down the unit cost. Now that I am happy with my choice of clays this in itself seems to be an easy decision, but storage of half or even a tonne of clay is more of a challenge. Unfortunately I don’t have a handy, empty cellar or the like – at the moment I store my clay in an old compost bin which is on top of a pallet. It holds about twenty 12.5kg bags, but it is outside. We often have very cold winters here… so far this year it has been mild but we’ve known it get as low as -19˚C and I’m worried about the clay freezing. I understand this is not a good thing, though I’ve not experienced it myself, yet.

A while ago I visited Thomas Gough at his pottery on Speyside. He keeps his clay in an old, defunct freezer. The insulation keeps the clay at an even temperature and it’s airtight too. Quite inappropriately appropriate when you consider my problem. I’d really welcome any other tips that you may have, or I shall be heading to the dump in search of scrap white goods shortly.