Washed up

WASHEDjulietmacleod2014Now that I’ve started throwing again I’ve realised I’ve still not figured out a few things to do with the whole process of throwing pots in a home studio. It’s times like these I realise how much of a novice I still am…

Firstly, I’d like to ask people’s advice about clay traps and dirty water. I have no running water in the new studio, but a utility room close by. At the moment I have two large buckets outside for washing up my wheel tray and tools at the end of the day. The first bucket gets the worst of the muck off; with the second cleaning off any residue. My plan is to let the clay settle to the bottom of the buckets and, once there is too much, drain off the remaining semi-clean water and let the residue dry out. Is there a better system than this? I don’t have the money, or space, for a proper clay trap. Also what should I do with the dry remains? I can’t recycle it as it will contain a mixture of clay, pigment, glaze etc.

Second, is what to do with all my dirty aprons, towels, rags etc. For the time being I have been washing these in the machine but I know that this is not a good idea. What do you guys do? As I increase the amount I am making the amount of cleaning up increases too. I don’t want to block up my drains or damage my septic tank.

I welcome any thoughts you might have. Thank you.