A Good Friday

handles cuptop holes

It’s been busy here today but I’ve managed to squeeze in a good bit of time in the studio.

I’ve pulled handles for the cups I threw on Wednesday;
Applied slip decoration;
Fixed handles to the cups;
Drawn sgraffito patterns to insides;
Made ceramic buttons for the raku kiln that I’m about to build.

I’ve managed to do a lot but there’s still a long task list.


Slowly, slowly…

A few temporary glitches seem to have held things up a bit recently. However the new part for the kiln arrived yesterday and I finally managed to squeeze in a few hours cup throwing on Monday. It’s slow, but I think I’m making a small amount of progress. What I do find is that you can’t take your eye off the ball for a minute. Even when I do a bit of half decent throwing, then there’s the turning. Once the turning is done, there are the handles…

cups*206-06  cups06-06

I’m hoping to do some handle tests over the coming weeks – these are a bit thick, but hand-pulled – I’m aiming for something finer. I’d like to try some cut ones too and see which looks best. Also I’m trying out some sgraffito on the insides. I like the idea of sipping a cup of tea and discovering/hiding a pattern as you drink. Let’s see if I can get these ones to survive their glaze firing.