Happy glaze

Sea dapple large dish (approx 28cm dia)

A few posts back I mentioned… ‘I’m just looking forward to the day when I open my new kiln and I’m delighted with everything. Does that ever happen?’

Well, I opened up Bertha after her maiden glaze firing and I’m really, officially delighted. OK not everything is quite right, and there are still some issues to be sorted to do with the clay colour, but I’m so relieved. I feel like I’ve made a massive step towards being able to sell things. Just a little bit more road testing, clay research and throwing practice…

Roll on the New Year.


In fine fettle


The last couple of days have been spent glazing and fettling my latest breakfast cups, small jugs and large dishes ready for Bertha’s first glaze firing. I’ve been trying out a number of techniques after receiving some really helpful comments and tips. My favourite approach so far was suggested by David Melville

Fill the inside of the pot with glaze then straight away turn upside down and empty. With the pot still upturned immediately glaze the rim a little way down the outside. Leave overnight to dry. The following day dip the outside, with the pot the right way up and your hand/s pressed against the inside. Slightly overlap the earlier glazed rim. For me this seems to be cleaner than using tongs, with the least amount of drips that need to be cleaned up. Also by dipping the lip whilst the pot is still wet from glazing the inside only a thin layer adheres to the outside. Hopefully this will stop the thick glazed rims that I’ve been having problems with in the past.

I’ve just switched on the kiln so I’ll find out late tomorrow, or Thursday morning, how things have fared. I’ll post some pictures of the results.