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Porcelain, wood fired bowl with lithium glaze liner, by Patricia Shone

I saw a photograph of this beautiful piece on Patricia’s Instagram feed just over a month ago when she was exhibiting at Earth and Fire. I’ve admired her new porcelain work for a while now, and what with a rather large birthday coming up at the end of the year it didn’t take much to convince me to treat myself to an early present.

Patricia’s work is inspired by the landscape of the Isle of Skye – one of my favorite places in the world, and where I spent many summer holidays growing up. She creates pieces by either throwing or cutting into solid lumps of clay, and then texturing and stretching to make the finished forms. I had the pleasure of watching Patricia demonstrate some of her process a few years ago at the Scottish Potters Association spring workshop.

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SHONE2julietmacleod2015  SHONE4julietmacleod2015 SHONE3julietmacleod2015  SHONE1julietmacleod2015 Thrown and altered wood-fired cup by Patricia Shone

Oops… another pot that I bought at Kindrogan. Normally I only show one image for this series of posts, but each side of this squared pot is unique, and highlights the fascinating process that Patricia uses to create her beautiful work. She lives on the Isle of Skye – one of my favorite places on this earth – and is strongly influenced by its imposing landscape. This particular piece is thrown on a wheel, then wire cut and stretched to create the rugged texture. It was then wood fired to 1260°C with soda, and has a lithium flux glaze inner.

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Woodfired stoneware Limpet bowl by Edinbane Pottery (dia 16cm approx)

This is one of the first pots I bought from Edinbane Pottery on the Isle of Skye, so I think I have had it for twenty years plus. It was made by Julie Whatley. It’s been a while since I’ve visited them as we always seem to be in a rush to catch the ferry for North Uist. Fingers crossed I can drop in next year, by which time I hope their new building work will be finished. There was a terrible fire at the pottery last year which spread through all the back rooms. Luckily the shop and house were not damaged and no one was hurt.

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Wood fired stoneware teapot by Julie McWhirter, Edinbane Pottery

I can’t remember when I bought this teapot, but I’ve had it for well over ten years. It was bought on one of my many trips to the Isle of Skye which (as I have mentioned previously) always included a visit to Edinbane for a pottery fix. It was made by the then Julie McWhirter who joined Edinbane in 1998. She is now married to Stuart Whatley, the pottery’s owner.

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Large storage jar by Len Whatley, Edinbane Pottery

Since my childhood I have spent many summers on the Isle of Skye as my mother’s family is from there. The combination of sea and mountains make it one of the most beautiful places in the world. One such trip, in 2005, ended with what had become a customary stop at Edinbane Pottery. I bought this beautiful jar, which I now use to keep bread in. It was made by the late Len Whatley, the current owner’s father.

Update: I have recently discovered that this jar was actually made by Stuart’s son, also named Len after his grandfather. He worked at Edinbane for about eight years before moving to set up a pottery in Crieff. He is now teaching. (30.10.13)