Magpie {42}

Small ‘ball’ bowl, slipcast porcelain, by Annemette Kissow

I mentioned in my last Magpie post that I bought three small contemporary pieces when I was on my visit to Copenhagen last month. This is the second… the yellow colour of the outside is amazing and my photograph doesn’t do it justice. The wooden base was made by fellow designer Lise Damager Hansen and can also cleverly be used as an egg cup.

We came across Annemette’s shop and studio whilst we were walking through the city to visit another gallery. She founded it in 1995 with a group of fellow graduates from the Danish Design school. We were allowed a sneaky peek into the studio, which was immaculate. If only I could keep mine as clean and tidy.



Magpie {41}

Little Barcelona Bowl, slipcast porcelain, by Jeanette List Amstrup

Whilst I was in Copenhagen, at the end of last month, I had a little time to visit a few ceramics galleries and studios. Most of the pots that I saw were contemporary in style and these caught my eye. It was inevitable that I would buy something… and this is the first of three pieces I came home with. I would have loved to have bought one of Jeanette’s larger pieces, but I had to be able to fit any purchases into my carry-on luggage. This series of bowls were created for an exhibition at Mitte Gallery in Barcelona. They are simple, fulsome forms that are lovely to hold. The glazes are stunning with apparently effortless blends of colour, which I’m sure aren’t as simple to perfect.

Magpie {21}

Slipcast porcelain milk jug with cobalt blue transfer, by Hanne Rysgaard

I bought this Hanne Rysgaard milk jug and a smaller version as presents about five years ago. I love the elegant transformation of something usually regarded as so ordinary. Typically, I managed to convince myself to keep the large one. It reminds me of the Blue Willow pattern china that my grandmother had.

By the way the history of the Willow pattern is fascinating. Take a read of Porcelain, The Willow Pattern, and Chinoiserie” by Joseph J Portanova, New York University if you are curious.