Each year we head to the Outer Isles for a family holiday. Whatever the weather we always have the best of times, and this year was no exception. Most days were spent on the beach, with my husband and girls investigating rock pools, the dog going mad in the sand and me soaking up as much of it as I can.


I sketch and photograph whenever possible whilst I’m on North Uist. It’s my way of unwinding. There is so much to inspire and motivate – the colours and textures of the sea, shore, lochs and hills. Everywhere you look there’s something…

I also finally remembered to bring some pots with me to shoot amongst the landscape that inspired them…

POT2julietmacleod2016 POT1julietmacleod2016 POT3julietmacleod2016 POT4julietmacleod2016




We’ve just come back from a lovely two weeks holiday and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many wild flowers in my life… Red Clover, White Clover, Harebells, Ragged Robin, Kidney Vetch, Yellow Birds Foot Trefoil, Hawkweed, Ladies Bedstraw, Daisies and Buttercups. This is the Machair on North Uist – the flat grassy plains that lie just above the beaches. It’s incredibly fertile, and also allows cultivation of barley, oats, rye and potatoes. Just glorious.