Work space

Three years ago this summer my new shed studio was finally finished. It was two months late and I was desperate to get back to work, already having taken four months off to project manage alterations to our home. My previous work space was our tiny scullery which I shared with the boiler, sink, washing machine and fridge freezer.

I rushed moving in without paying great attention to layout, and it worked fine for a time. I bought flexible metal shelving and a table that I could move around the limited space as I needed. However, as months passed I began to realise various shortcomings… no sturdy workbench, no possibility of another wheel, the kiln taking up a huge proportion of the space. The interior is lined in very industrial orange OSB board. I painted the ceiling and one wall white a year ago and this added some much needed light, but the space still felt very functional.


I admit to having total studio envy when I see photographs of other people’s workshops on social media. In particular Pip Wilcox’s serene environment, and Tasja Pulowska’s multifunctional space. I knew I wanted a little of both.

Following much thought, discussion and deliberation about what improvements to make, a joiner fitted some bespoke shelving (inspired entirely by Tasja’s), and a workbench with additional storage. I then spent two weeks painting, and slowly moving everything back in a much more considered way. I now have a compact space that works better on so many levels; it’s a beautiful environment to be in, it works as a studio and gallery, and it’s flexible.

I’m glad that I took time before making the investment to upgrade. It’s good to know how you use a space, what the faults are, and how they could be improved.

So here it is… my new place of work.
I’m now really looking forward to open studios in September.

Much more storage and display space

Less cramped wheel space (spot the dog)

The kiln is now on wheels so it can be moved back when not in use

Standing height workbench to help my back, with storage for all my beach treasures




SHED1julietmacleod2014After twenty weeks the builders have gone… There are still a few things to be sorted and acres of painting for us to complete, but the work they have done has revolutionised our home. My new studio is also here, only eight stressful weeks late. It too needs further painting inside and out, but today’s priority was to get throwing again.

It’s strange, I’ve been wanting this day to come for ages and the anticipation was more than I could stand at times. However, as the day neared I found myself preferring to think of all the other things I needed to do around the house, rather than making pots. I think I was worried that, after nearly five months, I wouldn’t be able to do it well any more. That, combined with the pressure of the studio being so late; my first show being only a few weeks away; and having no stock made me prefer to take the ostrich approach.

Well, today has been a good day with steady progress. After throwing thirty pots in my lovely new workspace I feel the rhythm returning.

This is it. I’ll post further images once it is properly finished.